Please locate your Hands-On or Classroom session below and click on the link. A PDF will open that has a field for you to type your name. You can save an electronic version or print a couple of them to frame and give as gifts this holiday season.

And we're all on the honor system here, folks. With the abilities of today's computers and printers, you could print your own money if you wanted to, but don't claim to have taken training you didn't take. Jonathan wouldn't do that.

H02 The Frankie Martinez Memorial High Rise Ropes Class

H03 Down and Dirty Firefighter Survival

H04 First Due Firemanship

H05 First Due Truck Company Operations

H06 Standpipes For Limited Staffing

H07 Everything Saws For The Fire Service

H08 The Unbreakable Engine Company

H09 Hoarding: Working In The Pile

H10 Elevator Rescue Operations

H11 Big Engine, Small Crew

H12 Laddering With A Purpose

H13 Preparing For The Worst 2018

H14 Leadership Lessons From The Mountain

H15 Combat Ready Firefighter And Fire Officer

H16 Soup To Nuts Search And Rescue Academy

H17 Aggressive Primary Search

H18 Aggressive Truck Company Operations

H19 Ladders 201

H20 Advanced Fire Ground Operations

H21 Conventional Forcible Entry

H22 Flashover Simulator

H23 Water Wins: Improving Hoseline Operations

H24 Calm, Cool, And Collected In Chaos

H25 Be The Engineer

H26 Thermal Imager: Beyond The Basics

H27 Fire Pumps 101

H28 Can Confidence

H29 Flashover Simulator

H30 Flashover Simulator

H31 Flashover Simulator

H32 Can Confidence

H33 Can Confidence

H34 Can Confidence

H35 Water Wins: Improving Hoseline Operations

H38 Laddering With A Purpose

H39 Conventional Forcible Entry

H40 Dominating The Pin In