C02 - First-In Decisions for first-in fire officers

Classroom / Sunday may 14 am / 4 hours

When the tones drop and you’re the First-In FireFighter will you be ready? This class is dedicated to preparing firefighters of all ranks and all department sizes for the first few key moments on the fire ground. We don't care if you see seven fires a year, seventy fires a year, county fire department, or a city fire department; we want to give you to tools necessary to put the troops to work and get things done. This is a very interactive class with lots of student participation with scenarios that are based around scene size-ups, command, command presence, reading smoke, building construction, engine work, truck work, and shows the importance of situational awareness, a good 360, and a quick search based off of real life close call incidents that have happened over the last 13 years. If you're wanting to hone your skills for the right front seat; this class is for you!

Tags: First Due, Engine Work, Truck Work

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