C04 - We're Here For Them: Psychology based training to build a culture of rescue

Classroom / Saturday may 13 am / 2 hours

Today's fire service is getting younger and less experienced with each recruit class. Turnover rates are up and fires are greatly outnumbered by medical calls. Thousands die in house fires every year, yet a culture of rescue is being abandoned. How we think while we train directly affects high stress decision making on the fireground and ultimately the outcome of the people we serve.

In this class we will discuss the fire service and its mental shift from them to us. We will cover training topics, tactics, and the psychology needed to base every move of the day around preparing to get them out.

We will look at statistics and compare them to fireground operations, proving our need to be strategically aggressive and the psychology based training we can employ to make that happen.

Wether you are a seasoned Captain or riding backwards with a few months on the job, The mission stays the same. Formally or informally you can lead your crew to base your tactics around expecting fire and rescues, every time.

This class will be high tempo, entertaining, and will hopefully leave you with the desire to make a difference in your first due.

Tags: Survival Safety and Health

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