C06 - Fortified Homes: Insulated concrete Forms and the hazards they present

Classroom / Saturday may 13 pm / 2 hours

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) homes have been around for decades but haven't been given the attention they deserve. Seemingly simple from the outside an ICF home can be a nightmare when dealing with them under fire conditions. With up to a foot of reinforced concrete and several inches of foam on either side, each wall is reinforced beyond the basic breaching capabilities of a first in engine or truck.

In this class we will discuss entry and egress options, fire attack, truck company operations, forcible entry, and potential fire loads. Also covered will be identification of these buildings, in depth construction models, common hardware associated with these buildings and how to defeat them.

By the end of this class, you will be able to better identify these structures and understand how to adjust your tactics to better serve your community while keeping your crew safer.

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