C07 - The Passion of Training: The Moral Imperative Of the company officer

Classroom / Saturday may 13 pm / 2 hours

Based on the book "The Passion of Command" by Col. Bryan McCoy the presentation will discuss the moral imperative of the company officer; to prepare their crew functionally and effectively for their assigned roles. The trap of "check the box" training versus functional training, is a serious one. The company officer must accept and live out the purpose of preparing their crew.

The presentation will introduce effective habits, strong guidelines for effective company preparation, and an understanding of how stress and coordination must be built into training. Unfortunately many times training is conducted to meet a mandate, and not always for effect. The needed progression of learning the components of a skill, up to adding in stress, other companies will provide the most preparation possible. Using case studies and experiences, the presentation will demonstrate where omissions in training have caused problems on the fire ground. The company officer must understand that discipline is paramount. Not punitive, of course, but discipline to task and preparation. The lack of feedback or of tangible results in many training scenarios leaves firefighters with an unfulfilled learning experience. This is key to giving them an understanding that training is for preparing them for real world conditions and while all cannot be reproduced, the results should be communicated. The company officer is the key player in developing effective and disciplined companies with strong task knowledge and the ability to perform under adverse conditions..

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