C12 - Buildings On Fire: Lessons From The fireground 2017

classroom / saturday may 13 am / 2 hours

This program will lead through past History Repeating (HRE) Events and present insights and findings from pertinent case studies, NIOSH LODD Investigative Reports and After Actions Reports from select incidents for a facilitated examination of apparent and contributing factors and a review of recommendations and actions to preclude similar events. Elements of effective and adaptive fireground leadership and the hard lessons learned will be presented in this highly interactive program. Extensive case studies are reviewed that can be applied to identify local and regional gaps and vulnerabilities and development of suggested corrective actions to preclude similar events. Integrated in the program will be discussions on emerging research and its effect on future strategies and tactics.  Lessons from the fireground resonate with recommendations and actions that all fire departments and personnel must recognize and implement in future fireground operations in order to reduce operational risks and improve incident mitigation and structure fires.

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