C13 - Operational excellence on today's evolving fireground

classroom / sunday may 14 am / 2 hours

Integrated leading insights and emerging concepts and methodologies related to fireground tactical theory, suppression needs for effective combat operations and methodologies for operational excellence and firefighter safety. This is an interactive and thought provoking program that challenges conventional fire service paradigms and explores leading edge theories and fire service discussion points from across the American Fire Service profession with new strategic, tactical and operational considerations due to building construction, extreme compartment fire behavior and occupancy risks. Discussions on Adaptive Fire Ground Management (AFM), Predictability of Building Performance, Risk Management, Command Resiliency and Tactical Discipline and Patience will be introduced along with the Buildingsonfire FACTS concept for First-Arriving Construction, Tactics and Safety, providing a methodology and process to increase operational effectiveness and ensure critical building factors are identified, assessment and monitored throughout the incident.

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