C14 - Building Construction: tactical Risks For The First Due

classroom / saturday may 13 am / 2 hours

If you're going to command or tactically engage at a structure fire: you better understand the building; there is limited margin for error on today’s evolving fireground-Errors and Omissions are Unforgiving. The ability for the first-arriving company, company officer or commander to perform an accurate identification of building type, classification and vintage are formative toward anticipating variables in structural integrity and resiliency to the effects of rapid fire development or rapid fire behavior, accelerated fire load package growth rates and intensity levels typically encountered in today’s composition and arrangement of buildings and their associated construction systems during initial and sustained fire suppression. This program will present tactical risks and key considerations for the First-Due Company, Company Officer, Commander and provide insights into integrated command and operational risk management, command and tactical safety based upon occupancy risks and reading the building.

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