C19 - Thermal Imaging: Not Just for overhaul anymore

classroom / saturday may 13 pm / 2 hours

After speaking with many firefighters from all over the country, I have learned that there have been two types of thermal imaging instruction. Thermal Imaging has either been instructed by the salesperson or firefighters have not been instructed at all.  Why utilize a tool if we do not use it for everything it could and should be used for? Firefighters typically know their SCBA, nozzles, and saws. Why is the imager any different? The answer is, if a firefighter does not know what it does or how it works, then firefighters are hesitant to utilize it. Francis Brannigan stated, the TIC should be thought of as a tool that is as necessary as a nozzle. This course will prove why Brannigan was correct in his statement.

In many departments the imager acts as a door chock or as a light firefighters can use to follow the lead search person.  I hope this course will assist in turning the thermal imager into an everyday life saving, time saving tool that improves efficiency, safety, and outcomes of many different situations.

In this class firefighters will learn how to properly read and utilize an imager in all different applications. We will discuss terms, techniques and tactics. Utilizing videos and images, firefighters will not only learn the information but learn how to apply it.

The course begins with what the imager sees, cannot see and why. The course gives information on emitters and important features of the imager that assists in diagnosing what we are looking at. Some examples of these features include resolution, spot to distance ratio, and field of view, display, modes, palettes, and DTM.

The course includes the following applications: size up, search, MVC’s, RIT, ventilation, overhaul, hazmat, electrical, and go or no-go situations. The course will show why it is important to utilize the imager to keep firefighters safe while performing efficient fire ground operations.

If you have any questions please email me at jdevito911@yahoo.com then follow me on twitter @joed911. Feel free to ask me questions or just talk shop. Hope to see you there and until then, stay safe and keep learning.

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