C22 - Intoxicated Leadership: How to avoid leading under the influence of your emotions

classroom / saturday may 13 pm / 2 hours

As leaders make decisions conflict is inevitable. When conflict occurs, and employees spread rumors of their side of the story, leadership must avoid becoming emotional—especially angry and lashing out. We’ve all had hard talks, some went well, and some we would probably like to forget ever happened. Whether its our nerves, a lack of confidence, or perhaps that we are even acted confident, our attempts to counsel and coach can quickly go sideways, especially in heated arguments. So now what? This class reveals the truth about conflict management—some conflicts simply don’t resolve.…ever! It helps to illustrate why the body responds the way it does, and how this conflict model applies to leadership whether its a difficult conversation or a two alarm fire.

Participants will receive an overview of emotional intelligence, and real world tips that can be applied immediately to assist leaders in having easier conversations. This class takes a real world approach to how leaders can respond to conflict.

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