C30 - Effectively managing extrications and complex highway incidents

classroom / saturday may 13 am / 2 hours

Dealing with vehicle extrications & complex highway incidents involves the effective coordination of multiple agencies & personnel for a common mission. From a 1 car Motor Vehicle Crash MVC tying up traffic on the NJ Turnpike on a holiday weekend, to a Mass Casualty Incident MCI with a school bus on a weekday. These types ofincidents provide challenges of how to properly manage and utilize resources in an effective manner.

It’s usually not the tactics or performance of the personnel that cause an extrication to become chaotic and problematic, it’s how the incident is managed. The way you manage these incidents, from 1st arriving unit to the proper placement and utilization of incoming resources can either set you up for success or failure. The dynamics of who is in charge creates chaos, as multiple agencies work and have responsibilities at these incidents.  How wellthese agencies and personalities integrate and work in a cooperative manner will impact the outcome at these types of incidents.

Larger and more complex incidents such as school bus crashes and hazardous material releases bring even more agencies and resources to the scene. Increasing the challenges of everyone working as one team, with one goal; The patient(s)

Successful Management of Extrications & Complex Roadway Incidents -
will be an interactive discussion. We will cover: best practices in managing the scene which will include effective coordination and integration of personnel & vehicles by:

  • Developing a preplan
  • Learn the importance of building relationships before an incident.
  • Proper size up & use of the incident command system; which will include creating a usable Incident Action Plan.

It will also introduce the students to the tenets of Crew Resource Management (CRM) Process;  They include: Communication, Situational Awareness, Teamwork, Decision Making and Barriers to implementing plans. We will Also discuss how to use checklists as part of Crew Resource Management.

The program will discuss incidents big and small, simple and complex. It will provide you a process to effectively manage them all.

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