C31 - physiological and mental stressors of firefighting

classroom / saturday may 13 am / 2 hours

The physiological & mental stressors of fighting fires is of significant concern to all involved. Exposure to fire & it’s byproducts is even more hazardous than ever before. Understanding effects of being exposed to fire, smoke & carcinogenswill help those involved to be better prepared to reduce these hazards. It will also provide recommendations for being functionally fit for duty.

Concerned about the epidemic of firefighter cardiovascular and cancer deaths? This program discusses in fire service terms the mental and physical hazards of firefighting and how to manage them. Classroom presentation /interactive discussion on the physiological & mental stressors to the body from firefighting activities. This program details these stressors as; well as details the relationship of cardiovascular disease, dehydration, cancer & chemical exposure from smoke andfirefighting activities. It discusses why being fit for duty, providing on scene and after incident rehabilitation services are important to help reduce the impact ofthese diseases when fighting fires. It will also cover the work of the NJ Healthy Firefighter coalition and how it relates to the fire service in general.

Tags: Survival Safety and Health

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