C32 - Professional Development of the next generation of high performers

classroom / saturday may 13 pm / 2 hours

Developing the next generation of firefighters and fire officers doesn’t come by osmosis. It comes from a structured program and processes that have been proven effective in fire service personnel development. This starts with a structured mentoring program. Whether a new recruit or working to the next grade of leadership, being mentored is crucial to being successful in your quest. Whether on the fireground or in the station, mentoring provides a guided process of how tolearn from others who have been there.
Mentoring has been identified as an important influence in professional development. The major function of mentoring is to promote individual development that is part of organizational success. Successful mentoring programs require proper understanding, planning, implementation and evaluation.

Why Organizations Implement Mentoring Programs
More and more organizations are creating formal mentoring programs for increased morale to increased organizational productivity and career development, the benefits of an organization that actively supports mentoring are numerous.
Mentoring not only has an impact on the individuals, it impacts the the organization’s ability to effective inits mission.

This program will discuss how to mentor, who mentors and how to interact with the recruit or aspiring officer. These parts of a professional development programare all key to success or failure, of the individual and organization.

Overall goals: Creating motivated and engaged employees, indoctrination, provide organizationalvalues & expectations , understanding of culture of organization and guide for personal improvement, Improve performance, reduce discipline / personnel issues, increase cooperation within the organization.

Individual goals: Confidence, increased knowledge base & skills, improved interpersonal skills, reduce stress,  being a torchbearer of information from one generation to another.

Used by: New recruits, personnel aspiring to the next level of leadership., all personnel looking for improvement.

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