h02 - truck company operations from an engine company

hands on / Saturday May 13 am & pm / 8 hours / turnouts and eye protection required

This class is dedicated to everything truck related, but the students will be doing the work from an engine company. In many of today's fire departments there is limited staffing to adequately staff a full time truck, or they may not have dedicated truck companies at all. That doesn't mean the truck work support functions don't need to be done; it just means they get done from an engine company.

This course will break down the LOVERS-U principles of truck work and put a focus on ground ladders, residential vertical ventilation, basic irons forcible entry work, padlocks and carriage bolts, and a station that will provide firefighters with the tools to properly remove victims and/or firefighters with various means and methods. The students will be broken up into "Engine Companies" and will rotate through each station respectively. There will be plenty of tool time for each student and any time left over will be used to allow the students to return to any station they would like more work with or information on.

When you're first in, its all yours, truck work or not, and we want to help you prepare for that. So, who's going to be the best Engine Company at MAFFC 2017? I guess we will find out.

Tags: Truck Work, Engine Work, Forcible Entry, First Due

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