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h09 - Firefighter Survival: Preparing For The Worst

hands on / Saturday May 13 am & PM / 8 hours / turnouts, scba required

This class provides firefighters an opportunity to learn Firefighter Survival techniques.  The class will be conducted in a building that has been formatted specifically for this class.  It will challenge the most experienced firefighters and prepare them for what could possibly be a deadly situation.  Real world drills learned from real world problems.  All portions of the class will have a specific LODD and/or Near Miss associated with it and the firefighters name will be remembered.  These techniques have been developed to optimize the firefighter’s ability to make appropriate decisions for themselves and their fellow crew member’s survival.

Research studies have shown that RIT/RIC teams can be ineffective and need too many resources. This class will give the individual firefighter a chance to learn how to survive a flashover, entanglement, and/or equipment failure. Students will rotate through 8 teaching stations that will include Advanced Search, Bailout, SCBA Confidence, Group Survival, Lone Survival, Air Management, and Managing the Mayday and other issues that have wreaked havoc to us over the years. The overall purpose of the course is to provide the student with the knowledge and practical skills to survive. The student can expect this to be an Emotion driven, High Intensity class that is based on past LODD, Near Miss, and Close Call incidents.

The target audience is anyone from the nozzle firefighter up to Battalion Chief. Students in this class will be able to take back to their departments the information needed to lead a skills training session on this topic.
Instructors have been chosen for their experience and knowledge in Firefighter Survival and their ability to teach and relate to their students. Many of the instructors have had personal Near Miss incidents or have been involved in Close Call situations.

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