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h11 - Beyond The Bell: Low Air Survival Tactics

hands on / Saturday may 13 pm / 4 hours / turnouts and SCBA required

Very few Firefighters have trained with the low alarm going off because we are drilled on ""bell goes off, get out"".  We agree that you continue to work with the low air alarm to get out, but if you find yourself in a situation like the one below, you can refer back to this unique training you received during our class to greatly improve your chances of survival and being rescued by your RIT/RIC personnel.

The objective of this class is to provide the student with an experience to rely upon in an event of a low air situation while lost, disoriented, or trapped.  You are assigned to conduct a search of a comapartmentalized mixed occupancy type II building, half office and half shipping warehouse.  The fire is near the center of the building and you begin your search of the office, after 4 or 5 offices, there is a sudden lean-to collapse in the office you are in, separating you from your partner.  You call a mayday and spend 1000psi trying to break thru the collapse and now you are in a low air situation.  Do you use your last 1000psi trying to free yourself or rely on your trained RIC members to find you?  Can you control your breathing? How long will 1000psi last?  Come let us show you...we are highly confident that we can help you L.A.S.T. much longer than you originally thought.

Tags: Survival Safety and Health

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