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h12 - Dominating The Pin-In

hands on / thursday may 11 am & pm, friday may 12 am & pm / 16 hours / Turnouts and eye protection required

This 2 day, 16 hour training session will encompass stabilization, basic extrication techniques, tow truck and rotator operations, as well as more advanced extrication techniques.  This class will emphasize hands-on training with no classroom time.  The training ground will have at least a dozen cars, a tractor trailer, and a cement truck.  Students will be broken into groups and will rotate through each workstation, with plenty of cut time. 
Techniques to be addressed:

  • Vehicle under-rides, over-rides and overturns.
  • The “B-Side Blowout”.
  • Marrying vehicles and heavy object isolation.
  • Large vehicle extrication.
  • “Haloing”
  • Heavy rigging, tow truck and rotator operations.
  • …and much, much more.

This is not just your basic class…this will challenge your personal and departmental capabilities.

Tags: Truck Work

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