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h13 - Hoarding: Working in the pile

hands on / friday may 12 am & pm / 8 hours / Turnouts and SCBA required

Encountering a fire in a dwelling cluttered by hoarding conditions is an experience many firefighters may face in their career. ""Hoarding: Working the pile"" brings students a hands on program designed to prepare students for the challenges they may face while operating under these conditions. Students will be introduced to key size up clues that may influence their decision making. In this high energy course, participants will be faced with traditional fireground objectives while trying to overcome the obstacles that a hoarding condition may present them.
New to the fire training world, this course was designed by instructors who will share personal experiences with these conditions and demonstrate ways to quickly and effectively overcome or prevent serious operational challenges. From searches to hose line evolutions, students will have an eye opening experience in this program and will conclude the day with an overall debrief simulating a real world incident. Do not miss the opportunity to enroll in this one of a kind training session!

Tags: Engine Work, Search and Rescue

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