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h15 - The Search

hands on / friday may 12 am & pm / 8 hours / Turnouts and SCBA required

The primary search is in essence the focus of the fireground. All fireground functions and assignments support the search for entrapped civilians because the preservation of life is why we do the job. Life safety is always number 1 on our priority list so why is it often a low priority during our training sessions?

Participants in this 8 hour class will learn to perform a rapid, effective, and efficient search. We will build a solid basic set of search skills and use it as the foundation for learning advanced orientation and search group leader techniques. This challenging and fast paced class will provide the student with opportunities to practice search skills in both live fire and ""open air"" scenarios.

From new firefighters just out of school to the veteran officer this class will sharpen your skills and bring your primary search to the next level.

Tags: Search and Rescue, Truck Work

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