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h16 - Ladders 201: Advanced Ground Ladder Techniques

hands on / friday may 12 am / 4 hours / Turnouts required

The American Fire Service has become increasingly reliant on ground ladders for fire ground operations. The success of operations such as vertical ventilation, RIT, victim rescue, firefighter survival, Vent-Enter-Isolate-Search, and rescue often start with a well placed ground ladder. The purpose of this class is to increase the tactical proficiency of the skill that preempts all of these operations - properly throwing and placing ground ladders. This class will teach you advanced techniques that apply to the real world. Our goal is to take the basic skills learned on a burn tower at the fire academy to the next level. We will discuss one firefighter and two firefighter techniques, some of the “tricks of the trade", and how to properly size up the structure for ladder placement.

This class is intended to focus on the art of ground ladders.  The student who attends this class will come away with the skills necessary to place and deploy ground ladders rapidly and effectively.  The students will be given a skill set that will allow them to adapt to the dynamic nature of the fire ground and be successful with ground ladder operations.  The students will be given multiple opportunities to practice these techniques during the class allowing them to focus on the body mechanics and techniques covered in the instruction.  The learning objectives include: one-person extension ladder throws, two person 35' ladder throws, dealing with overhead obstructions, dealing with ground obstructions, building size-up, ladder placement, alternative raising methods.

 Ladders 201 will be a three station, four hour hands on training class. The emphasis of this class is simply for students to learn proven techniques in order to become more efficient and effective with throwing ground ladders.

Students will be taught through verbal description and physical demonstration of each technique. Students will then be given the opportunity to try each technique multiple times with the emphasis being placed on students receiving repetitions in order to build some semblance of muscle memory.  The goal would be to lay the groundwork for skills that can be taken back to the student's home department in order for the student to continue practicing such techniques.

The three stations of Ladders 201 will include: One-Firefighter Ladder Throws, Two-Firefighter Ladder Throws, and a "Tricks of the Trade" section. Each section will include building construction size up and cover concerns for proper ladder placement.

The One-Firefighter Throw section of the class will focus on the high shoulder carry. Discussion points will focus on how to properly and safely get the ladder onto the firefighter's shoulder from both the ground and the apparatus. We will also discuss how to properly throw and fully extend a 24 ft extension ladder.  A portion of this station will also be devoted to ladder size-up both from the perspective of the FF and Company Officer.

The Two-Firefighter Throw section of the class will demonstrate a variety of carrying techniques with an emphasis being placed on coordination between firefighters. Students will also learn multiple techniques for throwing a 35 ft extension ladder and the appropriate application for each type of throw. 

The "Tricks of the Trade" section of the class will cover techniques that assist students with overcoming some of the common obstacles that firefighters may encounter on the fire ground. Students will learn techniques that will assist them with overcoming overhead obstructions such as power lines. Students will also be taught techniques that will assist them with throwing a ladder to a panicked victim in a window.

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