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h18 - Fire Dynamics On The Fireground

hands on / Saturday may 13 am / 4 hours / Turnouts and SCBA required

This Hands ON-Live Fire Behavior class will demonstrate how to operate safely on today’s fireground. Experienced Live Fire Behavior instructors will provide the student with a visual demonstration of Roll Over, Flow Path, and the effects of Ventilation. Students will receive instruction on Interior and Exterior Fire Attack, Door Control, and Fire Behavior following UL-FSRI Research Based Tactics. Separate rotating stations of Fire Behavior, Interior Fire Attack with an emphasis on Door Control, and a third station that will include interaction with experienced UL-FSRI Advisory Board Members discussing Fire Behavior, Door Control and Fire Attack. This class will give the student a first hand experience of what the research is revealing and how to implement the information into their fireground operations within the students prospective departments.

Tags: Engine Work

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