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h20 - the coordinated attack

hands on / friday may 12 am & pm / 8 hours / Turnouts and SCBA required

The fires we fight today are not the same as the ones of the past. They burn hotter and faster. The science that is being proven with testing from UL, NIST, and other organizations can help keep us safe. If we don't implement the lessons learned in these studies into our tactics, we are living dangerously. During this 8 hour hands on class, we will allow students to see some of the science first hand. We will be using multiple fire sets to show the effectiveness of door control, flow paths and how to control them, VEIS techniques to control fire spread, and effective fire arttacks. We will be putting you in spots that are usually only seen by live fire instructors to help you understand what your actions do to the fire environment. This class should give you a great perspective into the science and get you up close and personal with lots of fire.

Tags: Live Fire, Engine Work, Search and Rescue

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