Instructor Joseph DeVito

Joe DeVito is a Captain Paramedic with Ft. Myers Beach Fire Department in South West Florida. Joe started as a volunteer in 1991 at a fire department in Long Island New York. Joe is blessed to be a part of the best career in the world. He always looks forward to passing on the information he has gained from his mentors to other passionate firefighters.

Joe is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree after completing multiple Associate Degree programs. He loves seeing the passion in the next generation by being an Instructor at the Fire Academy and an adjunct EMS instructor for EMT and Paramedicine at Florida SouthWestern State College. Joe is a Florida State Ambassador to ISFSI, a contributor to, and a proud member of the Florida Gulf Coast FOOLS.

Joe’s passion in the fire service consists of fire behavior and thermal imaging, two topics where the education is limited but the information is vital in fighting the enemy we face. Joe considers himself a “Guardian of the Brotherhood” meaning he attempts to keep firefighters positive through the 3 “E’s” Enthusiasm, Encouragement and Education. Follow Joe on Twitter @joed911 and feel free to ask questions on these topics or just talk shop.

Stay Safe and Keep Learning

Teaching: Thermal Imaging: Not Just For Overhaul Anymore