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Instructor William Schnaekel

Bill Schnaekel was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Bill is a fifth generation firefighter who has had eight other relatives in the fire service since 1898. He served as a volunteer for six years prior to getting hired in 1998 by the Fairfax County (VA) Fire and Rescue Department, one hundred years after his great-great grandfather had joined the service. In addition to his full time career as a Lieutenant in the bustling 4th Battalion, Bill works part time as a firefighter / chauffeur with the West York Fire Department and as a State Suppression Instructor in Pennsylvania. In the past, he has served as a Battalion Training Officer and assisted in training both recruits and field personnel at the Fire and Rescue Academy. Currently, he is working on a degree in fire science through Tidewater Community College. In February of 2013, he created the Facebook Page, Holding 1 and 1, a resource to discuss fireground operations and firefighter interests with his friend, Lt. Mike Dowling. His work and ideals can be found on social media and, as regular contributor on www.backstepfirefighter.com.

 Instructing: C34 - Mission Success Starts With Mindset / C35 - Embracing The Barriers: Applying Common Sense To Strategies And Tactics