List of Live Fire Classes

The classes listed involve live fire. If you don't know what that means, this might not be the right conference for you. Please click on any of the titles to explore a complete description of the class before registering.

(listed alphabetically)

(FuLL) H01 - Combat Ready Firefighter And Fire Officer

(FULL) H20 - The Coordinated Attack

H24 - First Alarm Assignment Live Fire Bootcamp

(Full) H05 - Flowpath/Flashover Simulator (friday am)

(FULL) H25 - flowpath/flashover simulator (friday pm)

(Full) H26 - flowpath/flashover simulator (saturday am)

(FuLL) H27 - flowpath/flashover simulator (saturday pm)

(FULL) H08 - Making The Attack

(FULL) H03 - Soup To Nuts Search And Rescue Academy

(FULL) H14 - Thermal Imager Tactics