Our Tank Is Almost 3/4 Full

Never before in the history of our conference have we seen classes filling up like we are experiencing right now. Here are a few of the stats as of today:

  • 575 registered for Hands-On classes (almost 3/4 full)
  • 226 seats in Hands-On classes still available
  • 13 classes are full with an additional 3 classes that are at over 90% full

All of that to say, if you were waiting on something before you register, you might not want to wait much longer. After only 5 days of registration we are light years ahead of where we were with regards to being full as we were this time last year. We always plan to leave registration open for at least two months, but this time around we might be completely full well before that.

Why is it going so fast? We like to think it's the top-tier training we offer at rock bottom prices. We also like to think that it has something to do with the family atmosphere of our conference. In the end, we're all just firefighters here to learn; the students, the volunteer instructors, and our volunteer staff.

How do we do offer top-tier training at rock bottom prices? Simple. It's just a lot of dedicated people getting together to be better at what we do. No one with an agenda other than passing on what we know. And as always, every dollar we take in goes back into training our attendees. NO ONE gets paid. And if you look around at other conferences, that makes up pretty damn special.

Acceptance Letters To Instructors Due To Go Out

Instructors who proposed classes for this year's conference will be notified very soon if we have a spot for them. That means that we are very close to being able to announce the classes on our website. We're currently building the webpages and instructor bio pages for all of this year's training (over 100 webpages in case you were wondering).

We'll announce when they go live on the website via our social media accounts. Stay tuned.

"Holidays" for MAFFC

At MAFFC, we don't necessarily spend our time during the November and December holidays like the rest of you. Thanksgiving was near the end of our Call For Instructors, and the entire month of December is spent going through the class proposals and finalizing what we will be offering for MAFFC 2017. In other words: lots of stuff to do.

We hope to roll out that list of classes around the beginning of the new year. And if everything goes as scheduled, you can look for registration to open around the beginning of February.

In the meantime, listen to the podcasts and/or read a book from one of our reading lists if you find yourself with nothing to do until then.

New Additions to Our Website

We've made a few additions to the website this week:

  • We added our second episode of our podcast Combustible
  • We added a site search in the main navigation bar so that you can "find what you can't find"
  • We added the dates of the conference to the website logo

The last two on that list were things that we didn't really realize were a problem. Kind of like when you are standing too close to the TV.

Anyway check it out. And if you have a question, drop us a line using the form at the bottom of the FAQ page.

You've Got Some Down Time So...

We're all pretty busy. Firefighters aren't usually blessed with a lot of spare time. We work second and sometimes third jobs. So, suggesting that you pick up a book in your "spare time" might seem a little ridiculous. But hear us out.

Firefighters are firefighters all the time. It's not really something you can turn off depending on your proximity to a rig or fire station.

Now, our suggested reading selections can make you a better firefighter, but if you're always a firefighter, then it will also make you a better whatever else you are; father, daughter, husband, businesswoman, etc.

Sure, it's a stretch, but it makes sense if you really think about it. And in the end your reading is an investment in you.

The first step is to check out our suggested reading. Surely books don't scare you, right? And who knows? Maybe you'll find something there that piques your interest.

MAFFC Suggested Reading

Another One In The Books

Well, we hope you all enjoyed the conference as much as we did. There's really nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of firefighters while we all get better at what we do. And it bears repeating a few things:

  • Without you the students we are nothing. Thank you for making MAFFC what it is
  • Without our sponsors and partners we wouldn't have a conference. A big thank you to all of them for providing us the means to do what we do
  • Without our incredible instructor cadre there would be no exchange of ideas. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise
  • Without our all-volunteer staff you would have the ingredients, but no one to bake the cake. As one part (the website guy) of a larger group of dedicated firefighters, I want to recognize the sacrifice and hard work that built this conference

As we wind down MAFFC 2016 and prepare to begin work on MAFFC 2017, we want to let you know about a few things that we are working on:

  • We're working hard on making sure everyone got the certs for the classes they attended, but please remember we're all volunteers. We work at least one fire department job (maybe two) and work on this conference when we're not putting food on the table or enjoying some time with our families
  • Pictures from this year's conference will be uploaded to the website in the next week or two. Because we have so many training locations we couldn't get around to every one to take pictures. If you're willing to share pictures you took, email the website guy at wvoorhies@maffc.org

We're Trying To Build A Better Whole Firefighter

Even though our conference is the linch pin of our mission to build better firefighters, it's not the only way to get that done. We've started a collection of the recommended reading of our committee members. Now, none of us think you can read yourself into being a firefighter, but you can read yourself into being a better firefighter. Give the lists a look. You've got a couple of months before the conference. Plenty of time to knock out a book or two.

MAFFC Committee Reading Lists

50% Full in Four Days

Four days is all it took for half of the student slots for our Hands-On classes to be taken. That's right, we've got spots for just over 1000 students, and 50% of those have already been claimed.

In our previous seven years, we've never had that kind of a start to our Registration cycle. Suffice it to say that we're a little surprised, a good deal impressed, and whole bucket full of excited. We already know we have some of the best instructors in the Fire Service volunteering their time and expertise. But the enthusiasm we're seeing in our registrants assures us that we can also expect some of the best firefighters in the service who are eager to learn and grow.

If you haven't registered yet, don't wait much longer. If you're sitting on the fence about coming, get your butt in gear. You won't find this caliber of training at such a low cost to the student anywhere else. Remember, we're all volunteer, and completely non-profit. This is about making ourselves better firefighters. And it's about brotherhood.

If you're part of that 50% that are already signed up, we'll see you in May.

Registration Is Open

Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open. Registration Is Open. Registration is Open.

There really isn't much more for us to say about it. 

Congratulations! You're Our 1200th Visitor Since Saturday

That's right. Since Saturday morning we have seen 1200+ visitors to our website and over 15,000 page views checking out what classes we will be offering. To say we are a little shocked by that amount of traffic is an understatement.

We are excited about this year's conference, and it looks like you are too. Keep visiting the website even after you've figured out what classes you are going to sign up for. We'll be making plenty of additions to the website as more and more of our conference takes shape.

Registration opens February 1st. We're ready...are you?

Class Schedule Announced

MAFFC is proud to announce the Class Schedule for MAFFC 2016. We have 72 classes to offer you in 4 days. Hands-On. Classroom. Live Fire. You name it. We've got it.

Not bad for an all volunteer non-profit conference. But that is precisely what makes our conference special. We couldn't do this without the help of 71 dedicated lead instructors and many, many assistant instructors who don't have a bio on our website.

All pages including the schedule, class description pages for each class, and lead instructor bios are live. We've even grouped similar classes together so you can see what we have to offer in the way of Engine Work, or Truck Work, or Leadership, etc.

Click to your heart's content. Map out what you want to take so that when registration opens on February 1st, you can jump on it and get signed up for these awesome opportunities to learn.

Registration Set to Open February 1st

Well, if you got this far, you had to have come past our "Cover Page" telling you that registration is opening on February 1st. What that didn't tell you is that we will be going live with some other exciting stuff prior to registration opening.

  • The Conference Schedule
  • A detailed description of each class
  • A bio for each of our instructors

Look for that stuff to start hitting our website within the next week. We'll also be sending updates out on our social media pages, so make sure you subscribe to those so that you get the most up to date information.

Hotel Registration Open

Registration isn't open yet. Hell, we haven't even finalized what classes we're going to be hosting.

But some of you are probably already looking to secure your room at the hotel. So, we've gone ahead and negotiated a discount rate for our conference attendees. Follow the link and register. Or wait until we announce the classes in January. But you know you're coming, so why wait?

Accommodations Info

We Need Your Support

Registrations fees only account for about 25% of our annual costs to host this conference. The rest of the burden has been carried in years past by our sponsors. This year we're giving everyone the chance to support our conference. That's right, you can donate through Crowdrise and count yourself among the roster of people who've help to make the fire service stronger through exceptional training.

And remember, we are an all volunteer, non-profit organization, so every dollar we receive goes back into training firefighters.

MAFFC Is All About Social Media

Not really. MAFFC is pretty much only concerned with training firefighters about firefighting. It's a singular focus if there ever was one. But like any tool in your toolbox, if it helps get the job done, a firefighter's gonna use the hell out of it. That said, we recognize that social media is an excellent way to get our word out.

Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow us on those platforms and get even more updates as MAFFC moves forward on bringing you one of the best firefighting conferences out there. Click on the Facebook or Twitter icon at the bottom of any page on our website. Just like the ones in the picture below, except sized a little more realistically.

Social Media Icons.jpg

Call For Instructors

 MAFFC Call For Instructors

MAFFC Call For Instructors

The Metro Atlanta Fire Fighters Conference is now accepting proposals for hands-on and classroom sessions for MAFFC 2016. If you have a class within the firefighting discipline and are looking for a one-of-a-kind venue, we need you.

Click on the [expired link] at the bottom of our homepage and complete the online form. We'll take it from there. The committee will review your proposal and get back with you soon.