sean gray - Assistant to the hands-on coordinator

Sean Gray started in the fire service in 1993 and currently holds the rank of Lieutenant with Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services in Metro Atlanta. He is an appointed member to the UL-FSRI Advisory Board. He has been a UL-FSRI Technical Panel member for the Study of Residential Attic Fire Mitigation Tactics & Exterior Fire Spread Hazards, and was a participant in the IFSI Cardiovascular & Chemical Risks of Modern Firefighting research study. He is currently serving on the UL-FSRI Technical Panel for the Study of the Fire Service Training Environment: Safety, Fidelity, and Exposure. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Safety Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and is working towards his Masters degree in Administrative Leadership. He has been published in multiple Fire Service publications, is an FDIC H.O.T. Lead instructor, and delivers lectures on Evidence-Based Tactics across the U.S.