MAFFC 2018 Committee

Committee ChaiR - Kevin Gross

Committee Vice Chair - Ian Martin

Logistics Lead - David George

Expendable Materials Coordinator - Sam Abercrombie

Student Transportation Coordinator Kevin Quick

Instructor Travel/Housing Coordinator - Sean Boggess

Apparatus Coordinator - Kevin Roberts

Tools and Equipment Coordinator - Ryan Gillen

Food and Refreshment Coordinator - Michael Hilley

Hospitality Coordinator - Jason Towery

Hospitality Coordinator - Cory Hopkins


Sponsor Lead - Tom Burrell


Volunteer/Auxiliary Services Lead - Trey Johnson

Instruction Lead - Sean Gray

Classroom Coordinator - Steve Lester

Hands-On Coordinator Keith Schneider

Assistant to the Hands-On Coordinator - Tom Hancock


Treasurer Lead - Ray Voght


Marketing Lead William Voorhies

Assistant to the Marketing Lead- Sean Gray


Registration Lead - Shawn Ravish

Assistant to the Registration Lead - Trey Johnson