MAFFC 2017 Committee

We are currently looking for volunteers to join our committee. We won't tell you it's a glamorous job. It's actually the opposite. But at the end of it, you know you were part of making the fire service stronger. Below are the committee positions that must be filled. Not listed are the many members who help each of these positions out. So if you want to lead a group or be part of a group...we've got a spot for you.

Our next meeting for the 2017 Conference will be at RAPSTC on October 4, 2017 at 0930 hrs.

Committee ChaiR - Kevin Quick

Committee Vice Chair - Kevin Gross

Logistics Lead - Ian Martin

Expendable Materials Coordinator - Hoke Smith

Student Transportation Coordinator - Jamey Baker

Instructor Travel/Housing Coordinator - Sean Boggess

Apparatus/Tools/Equipment Coordinator - Kevin Roberts

Food and Refreshment Coordinator - David George

Hospitality Coordinator - Tom Hancock


Sponsor Lead - Tom Burrell

Assistant to the Sponsor Lead - Tom Hancock


Volunteer/Auxiliary Services Lead - Trey Johnson

Instruction Lead - Pabel Troche

Assistant to the Instruction Lead - Trey Johnson

Classroom Coordinator - Steve Lester

Hands-On Coordinator Keith Schneider

Assistant to the Hands-On Coordinator - Sean Gray


Treasurer Lead - Ray Voght

Assistant to the Treasurer - Eric Paloski


Marketing Lead William Voorhies

Assistant to the Marketing Lead- Shane Dobson

Social Media Marketing - James Mesamours


Registration Lead - Shawn Ravish

Assistant to the Registration Lead - Daryl Fox