Thursday, May 14

8 — 9:45 a.m.

Basement fires

Fires in basements and cellars kill more firefighters than any other area of the structure. It’s the most dangerous and punishing interior attack for any engine company making the push from above with fire below.

This course will focus on engine, truck and RIT/FAST operations during fires involving the sub-division with focus on initial size up, fire attack, ventilation, floor stability, support systems, renovations, living space vs storage, utilities, entanglement hazards, access/egress, and forcible entry concentrating on the various barriers present at SFD's, MFD's, SRO’s, taxpayers, and garden apartments.

In addition, the proper method of conducting the initial recon, the role of the pro-active RIT/FAST at basement fires during Maydays and making the "go" or "no go" decision to advance over the fire and down the stairs. The importance of not only knowing building construction but building “models” when the location and extent can’t always be determined from the street.

It’s critical for all firefighters and not just the company officers to perform “assignment” size-ups to recognize the key indicators that the building is giving you upon arrival to help determine access to the basement, ventilation points, fire spread, and life hazards.

Using UL studies, helmet cam footage from instructor, street credit experience including lessons learned from a few close calls along with fire service LODD’s will be reviewed.

This course is a must for all interior firefighters, officers, and incident commanders.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR:  Brian Butler is a 23-year veteran of the fire service and is a captain for the Trenton (N.J.) Fire Department. He works on Engine 16 and ladder 7. He speaks at numerous state and local conferences, seminars, NJ WhatExit FOOLS, creator or the Transportation Machinery program,  FDIC (Rapid Transit Emergencies) MAFFC 2019, Makin the Stretch, Fire Rescue Conf South Carolina, Southside Fire Conference VA, Firehouse Expo, Firehouse World, NJ Fire Conference, creator of #AfiremanWalksIntoAbar series.