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Thursday — Friday, May 14-15

Dominating the pin

This two-day, 16-hour training session will encompass stabilization, basic extrication techniques, tow truck and rotator operations, as well as more advanced extrication techniques. This class will emphasize hands-on training with no classroom time. 

Instructors: Theron Woody & John Elliott, Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services

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Friday, May 15

Soup to nuts, search and rescue academy


8 a.m. — 5 p.m.

An aggressive approach to the fire ground search fundamentals. This class will provide proven search techniques through real world lessons learned. Regardless of the apparatus you are assigned to, the goal is to execute our top tactical objective. The SEARCH! This intense course will cover size up, innovative search techniques, live victim drags and carries, and live victim ladder removal techniques in the AM session. The afternoon session will cover live fire exercises with multiple VES opportunities and traditional search methods. This course is about refining our commitment to the citizens in which we serve. Prove to yourself that you are up to the challenge.

Instructors: Michael Pickett, Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services

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Ladders 201

 8 a .m. — 12 p.m.

Ladders 201 is a four-hour advanced basics and street smart approach to ground ladder deployment. Although often overlooked in training, efficient and effective ground ladder work is essential to every successful fire ground operation. We will go over solo and team deployments of 16′, 24′, 28′, and 35′ ladders for civilian rescue, egress, and roof work. Please join us in honing your techniques in the Art of Ground Ladder deployment. Our instructors are from Cobb Fire(Ga), Clark County Fire (NV), and Henderson Fire(NV).

Instructors: Members from Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services, Clark County Fire (NV), Henderson Fire (NV).

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