Classrooms Day 2


Character, Attitude and Values

10-15% of what firefighters do involve Hoselines, Halligans, & Hydraulic Tools. 100% of what firefighters do
involve Character, Attitude, & Values, yet most of our emphasis is on tactical skills. These skills are vitally
important, however, many studies of “accidents” demonstrate the cause is related to attitude. Over 80% of
the time, firefighter’s interact in the firehouse or in the community where their impersonal skills affect
organizational performance. Daily media reports of firefighters behaving badly is a regular occurrence.
Officers regularly complain of firefighters lacking the above attributes as they relate to the fire services’
mission, as well negatively impacting tactical competency. When there are tactical errors and injuries on the
fireground, many times it’s due to behaviors firefighters exhibit due to attitudinal projections. These
deficiencies are a systemic lack of plans, programs, and processes in place to address interpersonal skills,
emotional intelligence, & organizational values. The class will use the Fire Engineering article, Character,
Attitude & Values, Defining the Good Firefighter.( as the framework for the
discussion. This program will bridge the gap between tactical competency and interpersonal attributes. It
will provide a structured road map of how to correct these deficiencies to create a high performing
organization with a healthy culture on and off the fireground

Your Instructor

Anthony Correia

Anthony Correia has 44 years of fire & emergency service. He has has responded to, led and taught extrication for 35 years. It includes responding to 150+ extrications & complex roadway incidents. He rose through the ranks to emergency service leadership positions. He participated on the IFSTA “Principles Of Extrication” material review committee. Presented an Extrication program at FDIC2016. Presented at MAFFC2017 & 2019. He is an active Extrication Instructor with OnScene Training Associates & Roadway Rescue, NREMT-PHTLS Instructor. Helped develop, organize & present at the - DVRPC Regional Extrication Symposium March 2021. He retired as Director of the Burlington Township NJ Fire Dept. and was Fire Chief in Warrensburg MO. He is an active paramedic/firefighter; member Bucks Co. USAR. Active in local, state and national organizations including BucksCo. Highway Incident Management Team. Liaison for ResponderSafety. He is an instructor in various emergency services disciplines. He is an Executive Fire Officer Program graduate. Presented at the following: FDIC 2016, 2018 & 2019. NVFC Training Summit 2019, IAFC’s Eastern Division Conference in 2019. ISFSI Conference 2017, FireHouse Expo - 2015, First Crew Resource Management Conference - 2015. Has published several articles in Emergency Services journals.