Classrooms Day 2


High Rise for Urban and Suburban

Fighting fires in High-Rise buildings can present several challenges to every fire department. Less frequent than the “bread and butter” incidents we respond to daily, the intricacies presented by these structures and its systems make the event an even greater challenge to manage.

Your Instructor

Daniel Nelms

Daniel “CHUNK” Nelms is a career firefighter for the Nashville (TN) Fire Department where he has served for 11 years. He is currently assigned to Engine 6 on the south side of the city. Daniel is also a Fire Lieutenant/Training Director for the Almaville Fire Rescue Department where he has been volunteering for 9 years. He is a Senior Instructor/Co-Owner of Nelms Fire Company. He is a State of Tennessee Journeymen Firefighter, a certified Fire Instructor and Fire Officer, as well as a nationally certified AEMT. Daniel brings 18 years of fire service experience, from small town volunteer fire departments, to a large metropolitan fire department.
Daniel has presented both lecture and HOT classes at Wichita H.O.T., the Metro Atlanta Firefighters Conference (MAFFC), Firehouse Expo, the Lt. Brad Hutcherson Memorial Fire School, Tennessee River Weekend and The Revolutionary Fire Tactics at the Lake. He was also published in the March 2021 Firehouse Magazine with an article entitled “The Heavy Hook-Up: The Two-Minute Drill”.