Classrooms Day 2


The Aggressive Mindset

The Aggressive Mindset, what does that mean to you and the members of your department? Our mission has always been to serve the citizens in which we swore to protect. Placing their wellbeing above our own is the expectation that they have and the OATH that we took. Statistically fires are down across the country, but civilian fire fatalities continue to climb. We must change our mindset, training and culture to ensure we are ready to make the grab when the call comes. You don’t think we are making grabs
daily? Head on over to Firefighter Rescue Survey and read the numbers. Aggressive search wins…change my mind. Our mindset drives our preparedness, our culture, and our performance. In this class we will discuss taking back time in our readiness, search statistics, creating a culture of excellence and empowering the aggressive mindset to your entire crew. The decisions we make on a daily basis can be the difference in whether someone lives or dies, we must ensure that we are performing as professionals and aggressively. We are here for THEM! Aggressive firemanship saves lives! Do you have the mindset?

Your Instructor

Chris Kessenger

Chris Kessinger has been a student of the craft for 17 years, currently holding the role of Lieutenant with the City of Lebanon Division of Fire. Chris serves as the lead instructor and owner of Citizens First Fire Training in addition to the role of training officer/instructor for numerous schools, training facilities and departments. Chris has a deep passion for this job and making sure that the blue-collar traditions of our foundation stay alive and well. As an active member for the Central Ohio FOOLS chapter, Chris is able to continually spread those traditions and keep our service headed in the right direction. His passion, that one thing on the job that drives his soul will always be with truck company operations. Be aggressive in the search, aggressive in throwing ladders, aggressive in ventilation but most of all be aggressive in LOVING the job! Those core values are what Chris lives by. Chris is a nobody from nowhere that just loves the job and spreading the passion everywhere he goes. Our citizens are our absolute number 1 priority, anything other than that is simply unacceptable.