May 20

Gwinnett County

Be The Engineer

It’s three o’clock in the morning, the fire is growing and your crew is inside making a push. While you gaze enviously at the flames, that little gauge on the pump panel suddenly hits zero, but it goes unnoticed until the radio begins to crackle with cries for more pressure. Do you know what went wrong? Do you know where to begin figuring out how to correct the problem? Or do you freeze under the pressure?
The true difference between being the guy assigned to drive the fire truck and being a Driver/ Engineer is the ability to quickly resolve pump issues during the stress of an incident. In this fast paced hands-on class, you will develop and refine the skills needed to quickly identify common water supply issues, along with a systematic method of correcting them. This class is intended for firefighters who are already competent pump operators looking to increase their knowledge and abilities. After a short discussion, attendees will jump right into increasingly complex pump scenarios and evolutions, testing their skills and learning new tricks.

Your Instructor

Trey Johnson, Gwinnett County Fire & Emergency Services.

The Chauffeurs are a group of like-minded firefighters, engineers, and officers who have a passion for providing realistic, hands-on driver training. The Chauffeurs aim to increase the knowledge and skills of apparatus operators by providing them with unique training evolutions that will challenge and grow their skills. This group possesses many decades of experience working at busy departments in the Atlanta area.