May 19

Cobb County

Developing High Performance (24-Hour Straight Class)

Developing High Performance (DHP) is a class designed to focus on thought processing, reaction, retention, and arousal control. Utilizing techniques developed by the sporting industry, adapted to the military and law enforcement agencies these techniques have been adapted specifically for the fire service in Developing high performance (DHP).

The class is run 24 hrs consecutively. Students should come PREPARED as if they are going on shift (pack as if you are going to a new station for a 24 hr shift). Bring FULL PPE, your bedding, change of cloths, plenty of socks and undergarments, medications, and any special needs that you may have. The effects of the class will be felt into the next day. Do not make plans for 48 hour after the start of this class. It is recommended to pre-hydrate and get plenty of rest the day before class. Be prepared to go through technological withdrawal. The use of phones/computers/and the like will be strongly regulated if not eliminated. In case of emergency a central contact number must be provided by the facility hosting the class and passed along to the students who may then pass it along to their significant others (family/wife/kids/etc). This will be the only way to reach the student in case of emergency or urgency.

The student/instructor ratio max is 3:1 in group exercises, and it is 1:1 ratio on individual endeavors.

Your Instructor

Ric Jorge, Palm Beach Co. Fire Rescue

Ric Jorge is a 29year veteran of the fire service, spending 24 years as a career firefighter with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue (PBCFR) and was a national and state certified instructor.
Ric Jorge can be contacted at