May 21


Entanglement to Rescue: The Flynn Drill (CLASS CANCELLED)

Entanglement to Rescue: The Flynn Drill is a HOT class devoted to changing the way we think about
and prepare for the possibility of rescuing a downed firefighter who is entangled. This drill has a
LODD study associated with its inception. On July 23, 2018, Howard County Fire Department
responded to a structure fire located at 7005 Woodscape Dr. Clarksville, MD. During the events that
followed, Lt. Nathan Flynn fell through the main floor of the structure and a mayday was transmitted.
The crews that were assigned to RIT encountered numerous obstacles and entanglement situations
that were challenging and for the most part unexpected.
This class will examine the methods used and the lessons learned. Students will hear a brief
synopsis of the LODD and then expand upon the knowledge gained from this event. Students can
expect to have multiple hands on stations including a mayday situation where they will attempt to free
themselves, a cutter class examining personal choices and suggestions from the instructors, a FF
drags portion (Dirty vs. Packaged). All this will culminate in the final drill where groups of 3-4 will
tackle a 20' simulated crawl space full of entanglements which they will navigate while blacked out.
They will be expected to locate and rescue a downed FF in a mayday simulation. All of this while
actually being able to cut and manipulate the materials! This is what separates this drill from traditional
entanglement props, you get to use your tools! Train the way you play!

Your Instructor

Scott White, Cobb County Fire

Scott is a Lieutenant at CCFES and is assigned to Station 14, in Northeast Cobb County.