May 20

Cobb County - Safety Village

Fireground Decision Making

The decisions you make on the fireground can truly result in life or death. Do you know what to do? How do you make your decisions? What are you basing those decisions on? That’s a lot to think about. Do you even have time to think about it on the fireground? In this eight hour workshop, we’ll explain some of the science behind your decision making. We’ll discuss the skills used to develop initial action plans without using much conscious thought at all. We’ll also demonstrate several techniques that you can use that will help you develop your skills and the skills of your crews. Fireground decision making skills are critical skills that every firefighter needs to possess and this class is designed to teach you how to make those decisions faster and better than you ever have before. This class will help you set yourself up for success.

Your Instructor

Thomas Hancock, Cobb County Fire

Thomas is the Training Chief for Cobb County Fire. This class will be taught by various members of the training staff at CCFES.