May 20

Dekalb County

Forcible Entry: Getting In

This class is an intense 8 hour hands-on course that focuses on the basics of Conventional Irons work and Through-the-Lock Forcible Entry to help build skills and habits to be successful. Our class uses realistic props that feel and act like real doors and locks and the challenges they present. The course is broken down into residential in the morning and commercial in the afternoon. Stations will including overcoming padlocks, security doors, two FF inward and outward, one FF inward and outward, residential and commercial TTL, drop bars, carriage bolts, and door size-up. This class is designed for all levels of experience with lots of hands-on manipulation and repetitions. A significant amount of time will be spent on Through-the-Lock as we have found this is a highly sought after topic that is minimally trained on, yet provides so much benefit in gaining entry with ease and limited damage.

Your Instructor

Jeffrey Mrwick, St. Johns County

Jeffrey Mrwik, is a 18 year fireman/student of the fire service and is currently a Lieutenant on Squad Company 17 with St. Johns County Fire Rescue. He instructs for his department in the areas of Forcible Entry, Engine Company and Pump Operations, Search, Ladders, and Rapid Intervention. Squad 17 responds to all vehicle entrapments and working fires in the 4th and 1st Battalion and for the RIT assignment to a large portion of the county. He has instructed various conferences around the country including MAFFC, Orlando Fire Conference, Ft. Lauderdale Fire Conference, SAFRE, and the West Coast Truck Academy.
He is the owner and an instructor for Malta Fire Training LLC. He teaches both Engine and Truck Company Operations with a focus on the basics.