May 21

Gwinnett County

Suburban Engine Ops

According to the NFPA nearly 85% of fire departments operate in the suburban or rural setting.
This translates into some often creative problem solving and or modifications to our apparatus,
attack packages and tactics. Furthermore, the engine company is the one piece of equipment
universal to nearly every fire department in the country. While the apparatus may be called by
different names or call signs, the fact remains that saving lives and property by strategically
placed fire streams operated by skilled, aggressive, interior engine company firefighters remains
one of the most important tactical operations and is the hallmark of the American fire service.
This class is designed to expose students to numerous attack package options, proper
deployment, advancement and management of hoselines of various internal diameters, working
beyond the preconnect, advanced engine operations such as blitz attacks, courtyard stretches,
bundles, well stretches, working from ground ladders and long side/short side engine search
techniques. The course will give students information and skills that are immediately applicable
to their job regardless of department size or makeup.

Your Instructor

Nick Peppard, Holly-Navarre Fire District

Nick Peppard is a 17 year student of the craft. Nick is currently a Captain at the Holley-Navarre
Fire District in Santa Rosa County, FL and is assigned to Engine Co. 41 on the District's west
side. Nick is also a Paramedic with Lifeguard Ambulance Service, is an adjunct instructor at the
Northwest Florida State College Fire Academy, and is the owner/operator of North Florida Fire
and EMS Training, LLC. Nick holds numerous fire service certifications and holds two A.S.
Degrees in Fire Science and EMS Technology as well as an A.A. Degree. Nick is currently
working on completing his Bachelor’s degree program at Waldorf University, is President of the
North Florida Fire Expo on Okaloosa Island, FL and is co-host of the Make Due: Suburban
Fireman Podcast with Sean Duffy of Build Your Culture. Nick is Vice President of IAFF Local
#4695 and a recently published author with Fire Engineering Magazine. He is very passionate
about training and helping others better themselves so that we can all better fulfill our oath to
serve and protect THEM.