May 21

Dekalb County

Truck School

Truck companies are tasked with a wide number and variety of tasks at a structural fire. All of which are essential to a successful outcome on the fireground. Yet many fire departments work with a limited number of truck companies on these incidents, or none at all. Truck work is about the skills, not the vehicle. Whether you operate with or without a Ladder Truck, the truck- related tasks still must be performed.
In this course, we will approach Truck work aggressively. This course starts in the classroom, covering riding and tool assignments, the inside and outside team concepts, and strategy and tactics for Truck Companies. It quickly transitions to a hands-on program, which incorporates essential truck company operations, aerial apparatus positioning and practices, and finishing with real world scenarios. This program covers a wide array of content, built around your fire department. Our instructors will bring their “down and dirty” skills, which have been used over and over again in the real world, showing how they can work for your department and piece of equipment.

Your Instructor

Daniel Nelms, Nelms Fire Company

Daniel Nelms is the Senior Instructor of the Nelms Fire Company.