May 21

Paulding County

VES and Beyond

VES and Beyond is an 8 hour class that dives into what can be done once you VES a room, clear it,
and then you are able to extend the search to the entire division. Understanding where a "known
victim" is located does not mean they are in that room. It is possible that the victim is down a hallway
or an adjacent room. Being able to search beyond the VES room can be crucial for the victim.
Communication amongst crew members and command is vital while performing beyond the VES
room. Turning your VES into a primary on a specific division can give the victim an opportunity for
survival. This tactic is not advanced or technical. It is important to understand why we do
not just search a VES room if it is possible to extend the search further for them. VES is one of
most effective forms of search with the highest survival rates. This class teaches firefighters where
and when to deploy VES as well as when it might be necessary to extend the search beyond the
initial search room.

Your Instructor

Scott Brown, Paulding Co. Fire

Scott Brown, Paulding Co. Fire