May 20-21

Douglas County

What's Your Plan? (16-hour class)

WHAT'S YOUR PLAN is a class that was developed for the minimum staffed, in-experienced first
due company's, the firefighter that is yearning for what we believe should be the basics being taught
to any new servant entering this line of work. This 2-day hands on live fire training event will cover
aggressive search and rescue techniques, forcible entry, inital scene size up, fire attack, TICS,
ground ladders, and helping the student create a plan for success long before the alarm is sounded.
Creating confididence in ones mind, greatly ensures a higher rate of success if those techniques are
understood by those who are expected to do the job. To know why, you must know how. We will
spend 2 days(16 Hours) in working to ensure that each student has a plan for success upon leaving
this class.

Your Instructor

Shane Bentley, Cornelia City Fire

Shane is a 18-Year student of the fire service, and is currently serving with the City of Cornelia Fire
Department in Northeast Georgia. He also serves as one of the founding members of the Bearers of the Oath training cadre and enjoys every opportunity he gets to give back to the fire service.