Classroom Day 1


Achieving Excellence in the Fire Service

The difference between excellence and ordinary in the fire service begins with the details. What makes someone good in this profession is not the amount of ribbons on their Class A uniform or the number of bugles on their collar. It is the execution and passion for the details for the job. In this class, we will look at what makes this profession the greatest job in the world and what will help us to always put the citizens first.

Your Instructor

Micah Rains

Micah is a 15-year veteran of the fire service and is currently a lieutenant assigned to Rescue 4 with the Greenville City Fire Department. He serves as one the training officers and teaches recruit classes, at regional conferences, and is an instructor with the South Carolina Fire Academy. Additionally, he is a member of the South Carolina Task Force 1 USAR team and the South Carolina Task Force 6 CSAR Team. Along with this experience, Rains is an instructor in the Fire Science Program at the Greenville Technical College.