Classroom Day 1


Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Fires

EV & Hybrid vehicles Emergencies Proposal Description *
In North America Alternative fueled vehicles are rapidly expanding into the field of both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. The main group in these
alternate fueled vehicles are Hybrid and Electric vehicles. While we have dealt with Hybrids for over 20 years, Evs or electric vehicles are much newer and
have much different concerns and hazards than hybrids.
We will be covering ALL the concerns and hazards dealing with these vehicles. But unlike many programs we will operational problem solving to give the
students real world solutions to these .All of the necessary skills will be covered, from patient management to fire suppression to extrication to scene mitigation
& debris clean up to situational awareness.
Learning Objectives *
The student at the end of this program shall be able to:
Identify the following issues & concerns-Technology
- Safety systems
- Vehicle materials
- Vehicle construction
- Motive power
- Vehicle electrical power
Identify the follow issues and concerns-Operational
- Power isolation
- Tool evolutions
- Strategic tool concerns
- “Spacemaking”
- Patient management
- Vehicle Fires
Identify the following issues & concerns-Trends
- Vehicles
- Materials
- Injury patterns
- new tool methodology
- Firematics
The purpose of this program provide a good common sense EV and Hybrid vehicle technology skills program. It is our intent to provide a good solid common
sense formatted program that meets and exceeds various NFPA rules & guidelines. Also this program is to develop a skill set with a knowledge base as well as
a behavioral change for emergency responders.

Your Instructor

David Dalrymple

David Dalrymple, AIETecRI is a Rescue Consultant/Educator for RoadwayRescue LLC. He has been involved with Emergency Services for 39 years.
Dave is the Education Chair for TERC-US, a group who are tasked with providing educational guidance and assessment for extrication challenges in the United States. He is certified as an International level extrication assessor and has taught and assessed in North America, Europe, UK and South Africa. In 2007 he received the coveted Harvey Grant award for excellence in rescue education. Dave is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) task force on Hybrids & Electric vehicles for first & second responders for the past 12 years.
Dave has been actively teaching transportation rescue topics for over 27 years. He is the owner of RoadwayRescue LLC, a dynamic educational team for transportation rescue training. Also Dave was the team captain when Clinton EMS/Rescue Vehicle Rescue team won the World Rescue Challenge in 1998.
Dave volunteers as a fire/rescue technician for the Sports Car Club of America-Northern New Jersey region and is actively involved in emergency response at performance rally events with American Rally Association. Dave is a member of the International Council on Motorsport Sciences. He has developed a Rally Safety educational program series that is partnered with the SFI Foundation for accreditation.
Dave has developed & delivered educational programs, seminars as well as published articles on transportation rescue topics on a local, regional, national and international level. He currently articles for Fire Engineering and International Firefighter magazines and also hosts Xtrication Radio a talk radio blog on vehicle rescue at Fire Dave also is a contributing author for the Penwell Firefighter I & II textbook and has authored 3 seasons of extrication training minutes for Fire & has authored a 3 DVD educational series on vehicle rescue from Fire Engineering Books and Videos. Dave has recently been published in Auto+Medical the journal of Motorsports Medicine.