Classroom Day 1


Hook Up and Search

Fireground operations on residential structures are the routine call that most fire organizations encounter. However, there are challenges when elevation is added to the fireground in high-rise and mid-rise firefighting operations. This could be a true high-rise in a downtown buisness district or
it could be a 4 story hotel in a more suburban area.
This presentation covers the basic first due tactics that must be implemented to have a successful outcome during a high-rise incident. Without proactive training for these types of fires, the results could be disastrous. The expectations for excellence on the fireground does not change if it is a single family dwelling or on the 14th floor of an apartment high-rise. Regardless of the type of incident, the citizen should be the first priority on every call. In order to achieve this, preparation and realistic fireground training must be the foundation for all fire service personnel.

Your Instructor

Micah Rains

Micah is a 15-year veteran of the fire service and is currently a lieutenant assigned to Rescue 4 with the Greenville City Fire Department. He serves as one the training officers and teaches recruit classes, at regional conferences, and is an instructor with the South Carolina Fire Academy. Additionally, he is a member of the South Carolina Task Force 1 USAR team and the South Carolina Task Force 6 CSAR Team. Along with this experience, Rains is an instructor in the Fire Science Program at the Greenville Technical College.