Classroom Day 1


Unbreakable Engine

There's no piece of equipment that's saved more lives on the fire ground than the first line and nozzle. That's why this class will break down the blue collar basics of ENGINE WORK. Regardless of whether you come from rural, suburban or urban America, are a volunteer or career, this presentation will provide you with the street smarts to set you and your engine companies up for success no matter your staffing levels. This is a blended classroom presentation with a short hands-on afterwards. Students will be given tips for stretching the first line, line staging and management, masking up, forcing the door, nozzle flow, advancement techniques, and discuss local line searches off the line.

Your Instructor

Chad Medard

Chad is a captain and paramedic with a total of 18 years of experience ranging from volunteer to the career side. He has been a career firefighter for 15 years and is the current training officer for Madison Fire and Rescue. He has a deep passion for firefighting and believes in the blue collar basics that this craft was founded upon. He tries to bring his knowledge and experience from both backgrounds to try and encompass the challenges of both arenas and ensure all the students take away something from his class. He holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, is a credentialed Fire Officer through CPSE, a graduate of the Managing Officer Program at the National Fire Academy.