Thursday, May 14

15:00 — 16:45

going the distance on developing
leadership habits

This class is about living your life as a leader by developing and reinforcing daily habits and setting goals that you put into action to strengthen your leadership development.  We will go beyond the usual discussion of character traits and map out a course of action that will put you on a road of successful personal growth. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this class offers a plan of action to fit everyone as we identify the high standards of leadership, your current performance, and how to close the gap.  This interactive class will get you to think about yourself from a broad perspective and help you identify where you can start, or strengthen, your leadership development.  Participants will identify how to reinforce or change patterns of behavior in order to strengthen leadership transformation and development and apply leadership skills to everyday life. In addition, they will realize how specific goal setting produces desired results with leadership actions and behaviors. We will also discuss how to change others’ perception of you as you focus on your leadership goals through practice and practical application. 

 This class is relevant to everyone. We will tap into the toolbox of brainwork where leadership habits are developed and strengthened. Leadership is about people, the fire service is about people, and great leaders understand how to live their lives as leaders so that putting others first is natural to them.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR: Paul Strong entered the fire service in 1990 and is a Battalion Chief with the Valley Regional Fire Authority in King County, Washington.  Paul has been an educator in the public and private sectors during his time and has served in many capacities and positions in the fire department. He is also an adjunct instructor for the Washington State Fire Training Academy.  Paul’s focus in education is providing energetic programs that keep the audience engaged through interactive participation and thought-provoking delivery.