Thursday, May 14

Two parts: 13:00 — 14:45 & 15:00 — 16:45

the grab lab

Life safety is the focus. This class will analyze the experimental data from over 1,250 actual fireground rescues. The datsa ranges from the ongoing fire dynamics research done by the UL FSRI and anecdotal evidence from the thermal imaging and helmet cam videos of first-hand rescues, all while focusing on what is the best for those trapped inside a burning building. The overall goal of this class is to use all the evidence available to us to help enhance our efficiency on the fireground...for THEM.

Specifically, we will discuss a proper search size up, firefighter rescue survey statistics, UL FSRI data, how to coordinate search with attack ad ventilation, decision making on the fireground and best practices for our search and rescue operations based on science and the street. We will also examine the three key components of a successful search, and search culture -- leadership, the training division and the personnel. Whether you're a numbers nerd, a 30-year jake, or a new slay pony looking for his pasture, this class is designed to tap in and discus why against all odds, success only happens because of search and rescue.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR: Sean Leddin has been a student of the job for 13 years and is a firefighter/paramedic with the Eau Claire (Wi.) Fire Department, currently assigned to Truck and Medic 9. He's a contributor to "Firefighter Rescue Survey", has instructed at various local and national conferences, and an affiliate with FireNuggets MN/WI. He's a technical committee member for NFPA 1700, was a former technical panel member for UL FSRI's PPA/PPV study and was a co-host of "The International Perspective" on Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio. Nick has also authored several articles for fire service publications and was a former president of Northland FOOLS.

Dustin Martinez is a 15-year veteran of the service, currently serving as a Lieutenant with Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services (Ga.). He has instructed in multiple local and national fire conferences, as well as authored several articles for publication. He is a member of the Cobb Fire search cadre and the Georgia Smoke Diver Program.