Wednesday, May 13

 8 — 9:30 a.m. 

Hoarding: woring in the pile

“Hoarding: Working in the pile” Introduces students to the hazards associated with working within a cluttered environment and how it affects every operation on the fireground. Discussed in detail are the obvious size up indicators that if quickly recognized can give away the presence of a hoarding condition. Real life case studies are introduced and discussed to show examples of the stress placed on fireground operations and the importance of early recognition. 

There is also a HOT Class associated with this lecture for a cost of $80. 

Cost: Free


Will Heiney is a career firefighter in his home State of Connecticut and is a former Live-in firefighter at Berwyn Heights Fire Station 14 in Prince Georges County, Maryland . Will is returning after being an instructor at MAFFC 2016 & 2017. Will is an instructor for the Middlesex County Fire School and Fire Training Innovations LLC in Connecticut. Will considers himself to be a constant student of the fire service and takes great pride in having the opportunity to be apart of something as great as MAFFC.



Peter Morotto currently serves as a Lieutenant on the heavy rescue company for the city of Bridgeport CT fire department. He has been in the fire service for 22 years and has had the privilege of serving on some of the busiest fire companies in the city. Peter has a passion for the teaching and mentoring today’s fire service; he serves as a recruit coordinator for the Connecticut fire academy and is an adjunct instructor for both the Fairfield and Wolcott fire schools, while also owning and operating Fire Training Innovations LLC, a very successful fire training and consulting business. Peter prides himself on giving back the knowledge and experience that was passed down to him from some of the best firefighters that this Profession has to offer.