H.O.T. Classes Evolutions

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MAFFC will present just three HOT classes in 2021. These classes have limited capacity, and cost $70. T-shirts are $15. 

Friday, May 21: Advanced Fireground Operations. Limited to 25 students.

Friday, May 21: Forcible Entry. Limited to 25 students.


An 8-hour hands on class that will challenge and inform the participants in size-up, identification and mechanical defeat of conventional locking devices. Students will have multiple opportunities  to refine their basic and advanced forcible entry techniques including a thorough tool lab, through the lock dissection and multiple door forces utilizing conventional forcible entry tools, rotary saws and hydraulic tools.

Saturday, May 22: Frankie Martinez High-Angle Ropes Class. Limited to 26 students.


This is an 8-Hour dynamic hands-on class that will cover basic high rise rope rescue operations with an emphasis on the tactical considerations of anchors, lowering, and rescue systems. This is not a typical type of “rescue class". All students will be on rope from heights of 60' to 300' from a condo in downtown Atlanta. You do not have to have any previous rope training to attend this class. If you are a Rope Tech, this class will allow you to hone your skills in a real world environment that’s not a training tower.