H.O.T. Classes Evolutions

At the Metro Atlanta Firefighters Conference, the H.O.T. Class Evolutions offered covered a wide-variety of topics and are taught by some of the fire service's best company officers and trainers. The goal of the H.O.T. Evolutions is to introduce firefighters to topics and instruction they may not have access to at their department, to allow firefighters the ability to train on various topics and hone in on their craft. 

There are a variety of H.OT. Evolutions. Not all include live fire, but all require full PPE. The H.O.T. Evolutions are either 16 hours (across two days), 8 hours or four hours long and are spread across multiple days. This year, MAFFC will sponsor a 12-hour class, which will simulate a normal shift at a station. 

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